Howdy and welcome to LeJasp, a little art sanctuary inspired by my love for the Bohemian style, colour & the beautiful art of Mandala. 

Growing up in the historical, hot, and dust-ridden town of Broken Hill, deep in the outback of New South Wales, I spent a majority of my lifetime creatively trying to craft something from almost nothing. Waiting for the right moment in time to launch this artistic dream, I finally get to express my artistic and imaginative mind daily in a profession truly loved.


LeJasp is born out of my full name Leah Jane Spain, yessss I know, it rhymes!!! haha!!! A name I wanted to change as a child, but have now come to fully embraced with personal and spiritual growth, which I proudly attach to my art. 

My designs are drawn and painted on ply-wood, which has been hand-sanded and prepared. The ply, which is produced from a renewable resource, is laser cut here in Australia with a key objective to purchase, when possible, products from local distributors. 

The word Mandala means circle, a spiritual symbol that represent the universe, the circle of life, a life that is never-ending. 

I draw my designs intuitively and my hope for the new owner is to use it as a meditation tool, allowing the individual to become one with the universe, to feel the connection with their whole beautiful life.

Whether used an adornment or a talisman, it can be an art-form that is uniquely suited to one’s own desire and style.

Thanks for stopping by,

With Love, Light & Peace

Leah XX

If you wish to contact me please do so via the 'Contact' tab or email lejasp@bigpond.com 

Located in Melbourne Australia. 

All design & concept is Copyright of LeJasp